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☆ Terms of Service ☆

(Last updated: 2024/4/16)

Will draw:

  • Fan Art

  • OCs / FCs / Sonas

  • Humans / Humanoids

  • Furry / Anthro

  • Couples of any genders

  • Light gore (bruises, blood, cuts, etc.)

  • Lingerie / suggestive content (to my discretion)

Won't/Can't draw:

  • Full Mechs (most robotic characters and mechanical limbs are fine)

  • Celebrities

  • Heavy Gore

If something isn't listed above, feel free to ask about it, I might still draw it.

Terms of Service and Process:

For Art:

  • All commissions are digital goods and no physical items will be shipped

  • I, the artist, reserve the right to turn down a commission for any reason at any point.

  • Payments are only via Paypal using an invoice.

  • The invoice may be paid at anytime, but at least half must be paid before any work is started.

  • Pixel and sketch commissions must be paid in full before starting

  • Please provide a clear visual reference for any characters or outfits you want.

  • Two work-in-progress images will be sent without asking, one for the sketch and one right before shading. Any major changes must be asked for during these stages. After shading, only minor edits will be allowed such as if a small detail was missed or something drawn incorrectly. Additional w.i.ps will be sent to confirm edits.

  • Wips will not be sent for sketchy commissions and the only changes accepted will be if important design elements of the subject are incorrect

  • There is no charge per revision within reason.

  • The Client's own commissioned artwork may be used by them in ways including, being edited, re-uploaded, shared, and used for profiles, icons, galleries, personal prints etc. (Anything so long as you are not directly profiting of the artwork itself.) You are allowed to use artwork for decorating monetized twitch and youtube profiles as well so long as the art is not the focus of the monetized content

  • There may be a fee for Commercial usage where the art is the focus of the product

  • Unless requested otherwise, I still retain some rights to the artwork I make, and may use it as part of my portfolio. Aside from being used as a commission example, it will not be used without the commissioner's permission.

  • Refunds depend on the amount of progress that's been made. Full refunds are only given if no work had been done at the time of request, or I'm unable to finish your commission for MY OWN personal reasons.

  • I will not cover any extra Paypal fees, currency conversion fees, or any other platform fees that may not be returned to you when using Paypal's refund options.

  • I may edit these Terms in the future as needed, a copy of these terms will be attached to your invoice for your records, and you will only be expected to comply with the version of these terms listed there at the time of ordering.

For Designs/Characters:

  • You are allowed to trade, gift and resell

  • If selling, It should not be priced higher than the amount you bought them for and/or not more than the value of what was traded to obtain them, unless you provide them with extra art

  • If extra art is provided you may resell at whatever price you find fair

  • Once yours, designs may be used however you'd like, for both personal or commercial use, go wild, they're yours.

  • You may not profit off art of the character you don't have commercial rights for (e.g. the original adopt/custom art)

☆ Any Questions? Feel free to message any of my accounts linked on the homepage ☆

☆ Prices ☆

*Prices in USD (Click image for full size)

Regular Style

Base Colours

  • Bust - $20

  • Half Body - $30

  • Fullbody - $40

Fully Shaded

  • Bust - $35

  • Half Body - $45

  • Fullbody - $55

Soft Coloured Sketch

  • Bust - $10

  • Halfbody-$15







  • Single colour, Pattern or Transparent Background is included

  • Additional characters (in one image) -75% of base price

  • Props, weapons, etc. - Free

  • Simple Background-$5

  • Complex background- Start at ~$15, but will vary based on the scene you want,

  • Commercial rights- please talk to me if you plan on using this art to make money or use it on a monetized platform. Whether there is a fee or not and what amount will vary depending on what you plan to use the art for.

☆ Portfolio ☆

Click pictures for full size
A wide selection of my nicer works in all my styles


Shaded Chibi

Flat Chibi

Pixel Chibis


☆ How to commission/contact me ☆

If you'd like to commission me fill out the form below and I'll reach out!
If you have questions or would like to contact me for any other reason, send me a message anywhere below with what you'd like and I'll get back to you!
Be sure you are familiar with my terms of service and what I will/won't draw.